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GATE ECE 2006 | Question-75

Common Data for Questions 74, 75:
Let $g(t)=p(t)^{*} p(t)$, where * denotes convolution and $p(t)=u(t)-u(t-1)$ with $u(t)$ being the unit step function

  An Amplitude Modulated signal is given as
\[ x_{\mathrm{AM}}(t)=100(p(t)+0.5 g(t)) \cos \omega_{d} t \]
in the interval $0 \leq t \leq 1$. One set of possible values of the modulating signal and modulation index would be

  1. $t, 0.5$
  2. $t, 1.0$
  3. $t, 2.0$
  4. $t^{2}, 0.5$
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