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The electric field of a uniform plane wave traveling along the negative $z$ direction is given by the following equation:

$${\overrightarrow {E}^i_w= ( \hat {a}_x+ j\hat {a}_y)E_0e^{jkz}}$$

This wave is incident upon a receiving antenna placed at the origin and whose radiated electric field towards the incident wave is given by the following equation:

$${\overrightarrow E_a= ( \hat {a}_x+ 2\hat {a}_y)E_I\frac{1}{r}e^{-jkr}}$$

The polarization of the incident wave, the polarization of the antenna and losses due to the polarization mismatch are, respectively,

  1. Linear, Circular(clockwise), $-5$dB
  2. Circular(clockwise), Linear, $-5$dB
  3. Circular(clockwise), Linear, $-3$dB
  4. Circular(anti clockwise), Linear, $-3$dB
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