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Five people $P,Q,R,S$ and $T$ work in a bank. $P$ and $Q$ don't like each other but have to share an
office till $T$ gets a promotion and moves to the big office next to the garden $R,$ who is currently 
sharing an office with $T$ wants to move to the adjacent office with $S,$ the handsome new intern. 
Given the floor plan, what is the current location of $Q, R$ and $T?$
(O=Office, WR=Washroom)

  1. GATE2019-GA-50
  2. GATE2019-GA-50
  3. GATE2019-GA-50
  4. GATE2019-GA-50
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Only option (c) shows P and Q in same office, R and T in same office with S being in the adjacent office. Thus, option (c) is correct.
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