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Five different books $(P, Q, R, S, T)$ are to be arranged on a shelf. The books $R$ and $S$ are to be arranged first and second, respectively from the right side of the shelf. The number of different orders in which $P, Q$ and $T$ may be arranged is ______.

  1. $2$
  2. $6$
  3. $12$
  4. $120$
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Placing 3 objects in 3 available space (since out of 5 last 2 from right are occupied) giving 3! ways to arrange i.e 6 


Option is correct.

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You have total of 5 books, out of these 5 books,

  1. 2 books are selected as first and second position and
  2. The remaining books are 3 i.e., P, Q & T
  3. Total no.of orders in which P, Q & T can be arranged is 3! i.e., 6

Answer = B(6)

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