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In the following question, the first and the last sentence of the passage are in order and numbered $1$ and $6.$ The rest of the passage is split into $4$ parts and numbered as $2,3,4,$ and $5.$ These $4$ parts are not arranged in proper order. Read the sentences and arrange them in a logical sequence to make a passage and choose the correct sequence from the given options.

  1. On Diwali, the family rises early in the morning.
  2. The whole family, including the young and the old, enjoy doing this.
  3. Children let off fireworks later in the night with their friends.
  4. At sunset, the lamps are lit and the family performs various rituals.
  5. Father, mother, and children visit relatives and exchange gifts and sweets.
  6. Houses look so pretty with lighted lamps all around.


  1. $2,5,3,4$
  2. $5,2,4,3$
  3. $3,5,4,2$
  4. $4,5,2,3$
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