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A $2\times 2$ ROM array is built with the help of diodes as shown in the circuit below. Here $W0$ and $W1$ are signals that select the word lines and $B0$ and $B1$ are signals that are output of the sense amps based on the stored data corresponding to the bit lines during the read operation.

$$\:\:\:\:B_{0}\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:B_{1}\\ \begin{matrix} W_{0}\\ W_{1} \end{matrix} \begin{bmatrix} D_{00} &D_{01} \\ D_{10}& D_{11} \end{bmatrix}$$

$$\text{Bits stored in ROM Array}$$

During the read operation, the selected word line goes high and the other word line is in a  high impedance state. As per the implementation shown in the circuit diagram above, what are the bits corresponding to$D_{ij} (\text{where}\: i=0\: \text{or}\: 1\: \text{and}\: j=0\: \text{or}\: 1)$ stored in the ROM?

  1. $\begin{bmatrix} 1 &0 \\ 0&1 \end{bmatrix}$
  2. $\begin{bmatrix} 0 &1 \\ 1&0 \end{bmatrix}$
  3. $\begin{bmatrix} 1 &0 \\ 1&0 \end{bmatrix}$
  4. $\begin{bmatrix} 1 &1 \\ 0&0 \end{bmatrix}$
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