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GATE ECE 2008 | Question-55

Consider the following assertions.
$\text{S1:}$ For Zener effect to occur, a very abrupt junction is required.
$\text{S2:}$ For quantum tunneling to occur, a very narrow energy barrier is required.

Which of the following is correct?

  1. Only $\text{S2}$ is true
  2. $\mathrm{S} 1$ and $\mathrm{S} 2$ are both true but $\mathrm{S} 2$ is not a reason for $\mathrm{S} 1$
  3. $\mathrm{S} 1$ and $\mathrm{S} 2$ are both true and $\mathrm{S} 2$ is a reason for $\mathrm{S} 1$
  4. Both $\text{S1}$ and $\text{S2}$ are false
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