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In the circuit shown, the threshold voltages of the $pMOS\:\: (|V_{tp}|)$ and $nMOS\:\: (V_{tn})$ transistors are both equal to $1\:V.$ All the transistors have the same output resistance $r_{ds}$ of $6\:M\Omega.$ The other parameters are listed below:

$\mu_{n}=C_{ox}=60\: \mu A/V^{2}; \left(\frac{W}{L}\right)_{nMOS}=5$

$\mu_{p}=C_{ox}=30\: \mu A/V^{2}; \left(\frac{W}{L}\right)_{pMOS}=10$

$\mu_{n}$ and $\mu_{p}$ are carrier mobilities, and $C_{ox}$ is the oxide capacitance per unit area. Ignoring the effect of channel length modulation and body bias, the gain of the circuit is ______ (rounded off to $1$ decimal place).

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