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GATE ECE 2006 | Question-78

Statement for Linked Answer Questions 78 and 79
The following two questions refer to wide sense stationary stochastic processes

It is desired to generate a stochastic process (as voltage process) with power spectral density
\[ S(\omega)=\frac{16}{16+\omega^{2}} \]
by driving a Linear-Time-Invariant system by zero mean white noise (as voltage process) with power spectral density being constant equal to $1.$ The system which can perform the desired task could be

  1. first order lowpass $\text{R-L}$ filter
  2. first order highpass $\mathrm{R-C}$ filter
  3. tuned $\text{L-C}$ filter
  4. series $\text{R-L}$ filter
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