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GATE ECE 2006 | Question-71

Common Data for Questions 71, 72,73:

In the transistor amplifier circuit shown in the figure below, the transistor has the following parameters:
\[ \beta_{\mathrm{DC}}=60, \mathrm{~V}_{\mathrm{BE}}=0.7 \mathrm{~V}, h_{n^{c}} \longrightarrow \infty, h_{f \times} \longrightarrow \infty\]
 The capacitance $\mathrm{C}_{\text {c }}$ can be assumed to be infinite.

In the figure above, the ground has been shown by the symbol $\nabla$

Under the DC conditions, the collector-to-emitter voltage drop is

  1. $4.8$ Volts
  2. $5.3$ Volts
  3. $6.0$ Volts
  4. $6.6$ Volts
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