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GATE ECE 2008 | Question-83

Statement for Linked Answer Questions 82 and 83:

In the following circuit, the comparator output is logic $\text{“1”}$ if $\mathrm{V}_{1}>\mathrm{V}_{2}$ and is logic $\text{“0”}$ otherwise. The D/A conversion is done as per the relation
$V_{\mathrm{DAC}}=\sum_{n=0}^{3} 2^{n-1} b_{n}$ Volts, where $b_{3}$ (MSB), $b_{2}, b_{l}$ and $b_{0}$ (LSB) are the counter outputs.
The counter starts from the clear state.

The magnitude of the error between $V_{D A C}$ and $V_{i n}$ at steady state in volts is

  1. $0.2$
  2. $0.3$
  3. $0.5$
  4. $1.0$
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